Lesson 11 I love animals!

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   Analysis of the text (教材分析)  :
   The primary school English text book is published by Shaanxi Travelling public .The 11th topic is “I love animals!”. It has been the revision period .So in this lesson, many words of animals should be reviewed and some new ones will be learned, too. The past tense is emphasized because it is the last lesson that the tense is mentioned in the primary school. And the students’ enthusiasm in protecting animals should be led, too. It’s a new teaching class.
New teaching thought(创新之处): My new teaching thought is to design the exercise of writing a letter to call on people to love and protect animals.
Teaching aims(教学目标):
1.    1.      The students can say and use these sentences:
I like/love …best./My favorite animal is …
How …it is /they are!
2.    2.      The students can say and spell these words :
kangaroo deer fox wolf tiger panda Africa   slowly
3.       Grammar: the past tense, gave saw found.
4.        Develop their consciousness of loving and protecting animals.
Key points and difficult points (教学重、难点):
  1. The students can say and use these sentences:
I like/love …best because ….;I saw / gave…yesterday.
2.   The students can say and spell the new words.
3.   Review the past tense. 
Preparations for teaching(课前准备):
   1. Some pictures of different animals.
2. Multimedia and equipment , some ppt for teaching.
3. Some pictures brought by the students.
Teaching process(教学过程):
1. Warming up(热身).
T: Do you like animals? Let’s listen to a song about animals, OK?
(write the topic on the blackboard) (ppt1)
   S: Yes .I like them. (Listen, sing and act the song)
T: Today we will talk something about animals. (ppt2)
2. New Presentation(新内容展示).
1). Begin the topic of animals(展开话题)
①T: (Show some pictures of animals) what’s this?
S: It’s a/an…. (speak and spell the words).
         T: (write the new words on the Bb). Read after me, please!
②T: My favorite animal is kangaroos .Why do I like them?
 Because they have bags in their bodies to carry the babies.
I think they love their babies very much. I am a mother,too!
What about you?
   2). Oral Practice(口语练习).
T: ask and answer the question in pairs:
       What’s your favorite animal? Why?
S: …
T: Animals are our friends .But someone wants to earn money and hurt them. What should we do to help them?
S: …
3. Emphasize the past tense(强调语法).
     T: I found these pictures of animals in my office yesterday.
(Write the two forms of the verbs on the blackboard)
Why I say “found ”but not “find ”?because it is  “yesterday”!     
   S: “Found/ gave /Saw” are the past forms of “find, give” and “see”.
         I …yesterday /last month. (make sentences and take notes)
4.   4.Consolidations (巩固训练).
1).writing practice: fill in the blanks (ppt3):
①___ are very tall .They have long necks and colorful skin.
②___ have bags on their bodies to carry their babies.
③__ have long bodies. We feel scared when we see them.
④__ are fat and strong .They have very long noses.
  ⑤___are lovely and clever. They like to eat bananas very much.  
2).Listening practice:
Listen to the tape; answer the questions (ppt4).
         ①.Where did the girl see many animals?
         ②.Where does my father work? And what’s the weather like there?
5. Sum up the class(课堂小结).
1).Go over the words with the pictures.
2).Listen to the tape of the lesson and read the text. 
6. Production. (拓展内容ppt5)
    Just now you gave us some advice to love and protect animals. Now I have a good idea for us, too: Let’s write a letter to people. OK?
A letter to people 
 Dear friends:
Animals live on the world with us. Some of them can help us to do something .They are lovely .They make us happy. They are our good friends.
 I like ___ best. Look, they are ___. They like to eat ____.
How ____ they are!
Don’t give them unhealthy food or hurt them, please.
    Let’s love and help the lovely animals, please!         from…                                     
7. Homework(家庭作业).(ppt6).
 Email your letters to your friends or write it on your qq dairy, please.
8. Finish the class in the song(结束新课).
  Claps and sing,make them remember the happy time in the English class.
9.Teaching design on the blackboard(板书设计).  
Lesson 11  I love animals!
fox(es)   lion(s)                      give -gave                           zebra(s)    kangaroos(s)                  see - saw                     slowly  Africa    unhealthy            find _found      
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